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ShadeBot is one of my most notable projects for me, and was the start of me really learning to JavaScript/NodeJS! ShadeBot is a Management Bot for Discord (A gaming chat client), that allows user to setup a passworded server. This requires a user to create a "Limbo" channel where users are unable to chat in the normal chats, giving them a chance to read the rules and agree to them with a password. The Bot comes with a few other moderation features including Muting users, Information about server, role, user ETC and some fun commands.


RoleRoomBot is another Discord Bot, but it's purpose it to provide users with roles that they request for. This was originally a feature within ShadeBot, however wanting to make it public, I needed to change how it worked. The whole point of this bot is to have a room that users are able to ask for roles and it will be provided to them!


Feat. GreenTurtwig

This was a project I had started off with one of my School friends. This was a project to make a way of viewing information about your profile for the rhythm game osu! The project was one of the first main projects I had started out on and I was able to create a function for working out how to place the A,S,SS amount in the center correctly, and a mod check which was used on the website however that has since been removed. I helped for a few other features but weren't notable.

Circle people are a YouTube group dedicated for posting top plays for osu! and they had opened up the offer for people to help them develop their website. I was quick to jump into it, and became one of the lead developers and had started creating a quick template of an Idea as to what the website could look like. A similar style was overall used for it. I've been one of the main developers for their front end stuff however the project and since come to a halt, as a full rework of the website is complete.

GPMDP Midnight Accent

Google Play Music Desktop Player Midnight Accent... is a project I made for themeing the unoffical Google Play Music Desktop player with a similar style to Play Midnight a chrome Extension that themes the website in a Dark theme with a choice of Custom Accent color! I decided to make a similar style to work with the existing Dark theme within the Google Play Music Desktop player!

BTEC Project Archive

This is a collection of some of the old projects that I had developed during my time at school. None of these projects are really meant to be amazing complex programs, it was more a way of showing that I was able to completing a task.